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Birthing and Beyond Workshop
Mom & Baby

Prenatal Testimonials

"For all of you ladies in prenatal yoga, be sure to practice yoga poses and labor positions so your body will be ready for the big day."

"Thank you for the prenatal yoga classes as well as the prenatal workshop my husband and I attended"

"Going to Prenatal Yoga at Family Yoga was by far the best decision I made during my pregnancy! Not only was I more comfortable and relaxed throughout the long 40 weeks, but I became much more flexible and strong, which has really helped me postpartum as well.
I also enjoyed meeting other expectant mothers and sharing stories of our pregnancies. Misery loves company, right? :-) We asked Cheryl many, many questions, and learned so much from her. She truly cares about each and every student, and really helps you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for labor and delivery."

"Thank you for teaching us the Cat and Cow ... it really got me through"

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Birthing and Beyond Workshop Testimonials

"We both learned alot and really feel prepared for labor. I feel much stronger knowing what my body is capable of."

"We had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for everything - we both learned alot!"

"Most helpful was discussion of stages of labor and comfort positions."

"We really enjoyed the class. Thank you Cheryl and Tag for sharing your extensive knowledge. It will definitely help us!"

"Great REAL advice!"

"I thought the workshop was very well organized and thorough. After coaxing my husband to attend, even he found it worthwhile and beneficial towards preparing for the birth of our child."

"You can get some of this information out of books but it was important to hear and practice it in person, together."

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Class/Instructor Testimonials

"Out of all the classes I have taken...even out here in Yoga land...I have enjoyed your classes the most. You are such a great instructor!"

"I wanted to email you this morning to let you know how much I enjoyed class yesterday! Kathy is really nice and was so helpful in answering some questions for me about leg placement/distance in different postures. She reinforced what you said really in just listening to your body and doing what you can do with balance and what is right for your body type. Thank you Cheryl for all you have done and thank you for a lovely staff!!"

"Thanks bunches for today and every class; I believe today I learned no matter how long you practice yoga and you think you know alot, there is a tremendous amount still left to learn."

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Mom & Baby Testimonials

"I think you've got a beautiful new studio, and the classes you offer are great. thanks for the transition back to yoga/exercise following childbirth."

"It felt so good to do yoga again ... -- my body needed it ... !"

"We both enjoyed coming to class. She loved the other babies and participating in the exercises and I REALLY ENJOYED having some time to work out my muscles!"

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Partner Testimonials

"We loved the class, it was really a lot of fun. We would love to do it again."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful partner yoga and massage class on Saturday."

"We had a wonderful time!"

"We've never done anything like that and really enjoyed it."

"Thanks so much for the wonderful experience on Saturday, we loved it!"

"We kept referring to what a great day it had been!"

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