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Yoga for Men at Mind Body Fitness Yoga

Tuesday Evenings - 7:00pm - 8:15pm

The class is focused on the male anatomy and its requirements while bringing yoga mind-body awareness to the participants. The things we do day in and day out during work or play aids in developing patterns of imbalance throughout our bodies. These are addressed using yoga principles and therapeutic techniques to retrain the body from the patterns we have adopted. Our bodies are amazing and they will do whatever we ask. Over time our body's compensation for injuries and imbalances may introduce other issues. Addressing these points through yoga will improve your health and athletic performance.

Vinyasa flow or yoga with motion is utilized to warm the body, yoga poses to stretch and strengthen and therapeutic yoga for deep muscle stretch and fascia release. The poses and theraputic work will focus on the hamstring, hips and lower back along with the shoulders, upper back and neck where tightness and imbalance of muscle groups cause stress to other parts of the body. The issue of tightness in the hip area foster knee alignment problems and lower back pain. The rigidity and forward flexion of the shoulders and rounding of the upper back can go along with the tightness in the hips but can also lead to shoulder joint problems and neck pain due to poor body alignment.

Specific poses beneficial to different sports are also introduced to the participants that can improve enjoyment and participation in many sports such as golf, running and cycling. Balance poses will be used to improve body and mind focus and redirect the body into a neutral body alignment by redeveloping the strength in both sides of the body to eliminate the imbalance we have developed over the years.

Strength will also be addressed with poses and movement that requires you to support and move your own body weight while maintaining body position and control.

And lastly but maybe most importantly we will de-stress the mind and body at the end of each class through a guided relaxation that will let you leave class feeling more energized and focused than when you walked in to class.